Screen Readers

Screen Readers

Screen readers are programs created for Cell phones and laptops so you can navigate and access the information stored on the devices. Screen readers allow you to be independent with your job and life. Read text messages or browse your email with out having sighted help.

Below you’ll find links to each type of screen reader, clicking each one will take you to each companies site. Read each one and choose which one best fits your needs.

Computer Screen Readers

  1. NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) is a Free screen reader for windows.
  2. Job access with Speech, windows only
  3. Window eyes, windows only
  4. Voice Over Apple computers.

Phones and Tablets

Screen readers for your mobile devices including tablets, android, windows based phones and Apples iPhone. Below you’ll find different companies that have developed applications that will read the phones display output.

Main frame access.

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