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BlindWiki Reboots: New Content & You!

BlindWiki: Rebooting with Fresh Content!

Hey BlindWiki community!

Life can be a wild ride, and sometimes even the coolest projects need a pit stop. That’s what happened with BlindWiki. Balancing college and everything else meant BlindWiki wasn’t getting the TLC it deserves.

But fear not! BlindWiki is back and ready to keep growing!

A Fresh Look, Focused Flow

Instead of a total overhaul, I’m giving BlindWiki a sleek redesign and adding awesome new resources bit by bit. This way, I can keep BlindWiki expanding while juggling all my other commitments.

What’s in Store?

BlindWiki will continue to strive to be your one-stop shop for all things blind related. We’ll be adding fresh content in key areas like:

• Tech Reviews: New assistive tech like screen readers and smartphones? We’ll have in depth reviews to help you choose the perfect tool.

• Accessibility Hacks: Got a killer tip for navigating life as a blind person? Share your wisdom and inspire others!

• Informative Articles: We’ll delve into topics like education, employment, and independent living, all from an accessibility perspective.

Calling All Accessibility All-Stars!

This is where you come in! We’re looking for passionate people like you to contribute content.  Whether you’re a tech whiz with a knack for reviews, an accessibility guru with life hacks to share, or a writer with insights into the blind experience, we want to hear from you!

Ready to Be Part of the BlindWiki Story?

Email me at to submit your tech reviews, accessibility articles, or any brilliant content ideas you have. I’m always looking for article writers, resource gatherers and researchers who are open to volunteering their time and knowledge. Become a site author or contributor and become a valued member of the team. Together, we can make BlindWiki an even more valuable resource for the entire blind and visually impaired community.

Stay tuned for updates on the new website design and exciting new content!

Take care,


Are you a visually impaired business owner?

If you own a business and it’s blind related send in your information and have your business added to the market place. Anything from customized canes to home made items we’re not picky!

It’s all about word of mouth and link to link advertizing. You help us and we’ll help you. So feel free to send us your info. Send it to:
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What’s going on?
1. The site has under gone a complete restructuring using the content management system, Word Press.
What this means for visitors…
You will now be able to find all the news and updates neatly organized into categories. Not to mention we can post updates with out having to upload new pages. You’ll see them on the main page.
Pages will also be organized and you can leave comments on each page with new resources.
2. You can now register with Blind Wiki and get updates when the site is updated.
If you’d like to volunteer, contributor accounts are available. You will be able to edit existing pages and add new resources and tips.
3. To find all the resource pages just click the button marked Primary Menu.
Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

Hello and welcome!

Hello, The blind wiki is here to gather resources from all aspects of visual impairment and index them into an easy to use site. It’s just like an old school phone book made virtual. Unlike search engines we deal primarily with topics of visual impairment and resources.

I hope you find the site helpful and will spread the word. You’ll find user submitted articles, books about vision loss, accessible gadgets, programs to make your phones and computers accessible, custom stores dealing with Braille and so much more.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to register as a subscriber. If your interested in volunteering to help find resources or to help manage submissions drop an E-mail to