Changes, updates and more!

The site is undergoing a massive transformation. I’ve removed old pages and will be adding new resources that don’t have broken links.
I started this project back in 2011, got busy and converted it to wordpress in 2014. I had hopes I could recruit a team of volunteers who could help scour the web and we could add all the resources here. In 2018 I returned to fix up the site for a college project but unfortunately things got insanely busy.
Now that I’m doing daily livestreams a lot of people are asking for blind related resources and I remembered I have a site just for that exact reason. So, I’ll be going through and updating things on the back end, updating links, making better pages and adjusting the look.
I’ve already deleted 100K users, cleaned out 50K comments and changed up some security policies. There has been a bunch of scammers, bots and spammers attempting to sell me stuff, or try to hack the admin password. No one has brute forced the password and now you get 3 log in attempts before the account is locked.
You should know, I’ve disabled new user registration and if there comes a time where it’s needed will turn it back on.
If you’d like to submit a resource for the site, Email me at

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